Self Development

Create the life you want by addressing attitude and behavioural changes that can make an immediate difference to your life and business.

Empowered Learning

A range of courses designed to show people how to become successful learners, taking control of their learning and seeing it as an enjoyable adventure.

Dyslexia and Related Difficulties

An alternative approach: diagnostic assessments, a range of workshops, talks  and individual coaching.

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Im more organised and able to manage work without distraction. I am also able to prioritise more effectively - Phillip aged 29

Empowered Learning

A wide range of courses designed for people wanting to become successful learners, taking full control and seeing it as an enjoyable adventure.

Different courses are run for people in all kinds of learning situations. These include:

  • Children in a classroom situation.
  • Teenagers studying for intermediate and advanced level qualifications, including GCSE, ‘A’ and ‘AS’ level courses.
  • Adults studying further or higher level courses.
  • Adult work-based training.
  • People thinking of going into a new learning situation.

The main focus of these courses is to employ mind and intuition to learn by:

  * Focusing  *  Visualisation techniques  *  Understanding

  *  Absorbing information  *  Retaining and recalling information

*Addressing blocks to learning (including confusion, lack of confidence, emotions, boredom, diet, etc.).

Courses are run as individual coaching sessions, or workshops for up to 8 people and suited to particular age-ranges.

Courses are available at different times to suit participants' circumstances, for example during school holidays, at weekends, in the evenings or at work.

The range of course subjects on offer include:

  • Time management
  • Organisational techniques
  • Note taking techniques
  • Revision and exam techniques
  • Reading strategies
  • Writing skills (reports, essays, etc.)
  • Language skills (including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling)

As well as individual coaching and workshops, I offer talks to a range of audiences including; schools, businesses, community groups, self help and parent groups.