Self Development

Create the life you want by addressing attitude and behavioural changes that can make an immediate difference to your life and business.

Empowered Learning

A range of courses designed to show people how to become successful learners, taking control of their learning and seeing it as an enjoyable adventure.

Dyslexia and Related Difficulties

An alternative approach: diagnostic assessments, a range of workshops, talksĀ  and individual coaching.

Designed by Varsani+Richardson


I am not ashamed of being dyslexic any more. - Julie aged 31

Coaching, Workshops & Talks:

Courses are designed for young people and adults, running from just an hour to a week in length.

Depending on the needs of the individuals, the coaching and workshops can include:

  • How to use your dyslexic abilities in a positive way.
  • Orientation and focusing techniques.
  • How to recognise and control altered perceptions.
  • How to value and use your intuition.
  • Time management and organisation.
  • Strategies for unconventional learning styles.
  • Coordination and balance.
  • Visualisation techniques.
  • Addressing emotional blocks.
  • Reading techniques (including speed of reading, misreading, retaining & recalling).
  • Improving writing (including spelling, punctuation, syntax, structure, etc.).
  • Mathematical difficulties.

Talks are usually about an hour long but can be extended to become more interactive and incorporate question and answer sessions. Sessions can be tailored to a wide range of audiences including; schools & colleges, businesses, community groups etc.